Encountering the Giantess (VR 360)

All I wanted to do was come home to a nice clean house after a long day out and just relax and enjoy Myself. But now I see there appears to be a little speck on My floor that wasn’t there before. What it that thing? It’s starting to move around but it’s not the right shape to be a bug…oh my god, it’s a tiny little man! Lol! I never imagined that a person as small as you could possibly exist! That is way too funny, but why are you in My home? I certainly didn’t invite you here and you’re definitely not welcome to stay, so what should I do with you now? Let Me take a closer look at you so I can decide how I’m going to get rid of you. You didn’t really think I was just going to let you go, did you? Of course not. A tiny little man like you has no place in the home of a gorgeous Giantess. You are nothing more than a pest to Me and, as such, I am going to treat you like the little insect that you are. I hope you enjoy the view while you still can because you won’t be around to enjoy it for much longer…

* This is My first foray into the world of VR 360 clips! It was filmed in 2K (2560×1280) resolution so be sure you have a VR headset or compatible media player to fully enjoy this immersive Giantess experience. It’s the perfect clip for those submissives that crave to know what it would truly be like to stare up in terrified awe at My sexy perfection as I tower over you while deciding your ultimate fate. You will be put you directly into the tiny little shoes of a miniature man allowing you to gaze up at My endless legs and obsess over My perfect ass and feet as they threaten to end your pathetic existence. If you are into the Giantess fetish, or just love admiring tall, slender Goddesses in cute, tiny bikinis, then you will not want to miss this experience. And if you would like see Me film more VR clips in the future, be sure to buy this one to demonstrate your interest in the format. Enjoy! *

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