Dominating the Shrinking Man (VR 360)

I think it’s quite obvious that you have so much unneeded height, don’t you agree? You shouldn’t be as tall as a slender, perfect Goddess like Me. No, you don’t deserve to be on My level. You deserve to be a tiny, pathetic little man who cowers in the presence of his Empress. So I think it’s time I took care of this little problem and shrink you down to the size you truly deserve to be. Lucky for you, I have just the solution and I have a feeling you are going to enjoy the process. You see I think you should experience what it’s like to slowly get shorter and shorter. You will be able to fully enjoy the view of My perfect breasts, My thin waist and even My toned legs as the inches shrink away. You will feel the rush of true powerlessness as I turn you into the tiny little bitch that you deserve to be. Just imagine how exciting it’s going to be to finally stare up at Me as I tower over you and physically put you in your place.

So start thinking short thoughts and let My magic do the rest. But be careful, there’s no telling what I will do to you the shorter you get. You may think this is what you want now, but the smaller you are the more useless you become. And if you become too useless then the only purpose you will serve is to amuse Me. Granted, I do very much enjoy playing with tiny, weak little men but sometimes I get a little rough. hehe

* This is My second VR 360 clip! It was filmed in 4K (4096×2048) resolution so be sure you have a VR headset or compatible media player to fully enjoy this immersive shrinking experience. It’s the perfect clip for those submissives that crave to know what it would truly be like to slowly be shrunk down to the size of a tiny little man. Stare up in terrified awe at My sexy perfection as I begin to tower over you while deciding your ultimate fate. You will be put you directly into the shoes of a tall man who asks Me to shrink him down in size so he can experience true physical domination at the hand of his Empress. Little does he know, however, that the only use I have for tiny little men is to take out My aggression at the cost of his well being. If you are into the shrinking fetish, or just crave to know what it would be live to be completely dominated by a perfect Goddess, then you will not want to miss this experience. And if you would like see Me film more VR clips in the future, be sure to buy this one to demonstrate your interest in the format. Enjoy! *

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