Dick Craving Reinforcement Training – Audio MP3

*Free audio preview below. * This audio is for those submissives that are not only turned on by dick, whether just as a curiosity or as a submissive that is extremely gay, but crave to think about dick even more, not just when aroused, but throughout the day, and even in their dreams. Alpha cock will be within your mind so much, you are likely to always be in a semi-state of arousal, after this training that not only indulges you but gives you a very special task to ensure dick is on your mind, with audio effects, to assist you on the journey. When you are under My command and control, you really will be Gay for Goddess. *

No matter where you are on your gay journey, whether you are claiming you are straight and are just curious, or if you are a full-blown, cock loving submissive, I think you need to think about dick even more. More and more cock. More and more dick. Honestly, you should be thinking about dick as much as possible, and not just when you are aroused, in the mood or otherwise horny. No, you should be thinking about cock all the time. Doesn’t that sound nice? I think so. And, so, I shall indulge you.

Even just these words from My beautiful voice… Dick. Cock. Big. Thick. Juicy. Alpha… they are getting to you, aren’t they? These words, coming from My voice, feel so good and it feels so right. In fact, you know that by giving fully into Me and this audio, implementing its instructions in your life, especially as you listen to this more and more, you will always be in a semi-state of arousal, constantly thinking about dick, no matter what you are doing in your day.

It all starts with obeying My instructions and thinking about dick at any and every opportune moment in your day. My special task for you within this audio makes it very easy and so very enjoyable. So, easy and enjoyable, in fact, it is likely you will even dream about dick. Dick, dick, dick, all the time, throughout your day and in your dreams. That big, juicy, thick alpha dream dick that you have in mind. Fall even deeper for dick, with My voice as a guide. You are going to be more gay than ever before for Me. Audio length: 16:10 *Real FemDom

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