Brutal Virgin Humiliation – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * You are a virgin; an adult virgin. Need I say more? At this point in your life, what is it that you want more? Do you want to be a virgin? Or, are you still convinced you want to have sex with a Woman? You can’t deny how good it feels to be called a virgin. Listen to My sweet words… virgin… virgin… virgin! By having sex, you wouldn’t be a virgin more… and you don’t want that, do you? Well, before you answer, let’s indulge in what it would be like if, by some miracle, a Woman actually agreed to have sex with you. I detail each and every step in detail and exactly how you would fail. I mean, think about it. What would you really do if a naked Woman was in front of you, seeing tits and pussy, for the first time, in front of you. I even tell you the secret to why you’re a virgin and why you will always remain a virgin forever. The answer isn’t that you’re pathetic… that’s too much on the surface. It’s deeper than that. * Experience My favorite virgin humiliation content to date. This audio assumes you enjoy humiliation. Please do not buy this if you are prone to depression. *Real FemDom Audio Length: 9m 51s

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