Becoming My Chastity Slave – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * I am going to teach you the secret to attaining a deep, fulfilling happiness. It’s quite easy, really; just give up total control to Me. Some of you out there might find it difficult to accept this simple truth, and this is when chastity becomes a very useful tool. Training to be My real chastity slave is the prefect first step to realizing what a great joy and honor it is to sacrifice for Me. When your dick is locked away, you will quickly come to the realization that I am the one in charge, not you. I can’t wait to show you how much better your life can be, once you stop paying attention to your desires and focus only on Me. Audio Length: 9m59s *Real FemDom

* Listen to a preview of this audio: EmpressMika.com/audio-preview-becoming-my-chastity-slave
* Experience My free, full-length audio, Give in to My Voice: EmpressMika.com/free-femdom-mesmerize-audio

Website: EmpressMika.com | Twitter: @YesEmpressMika

Train to be My Chastity slave: ChastitySlave.EmpressMika.com

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