Are you a Cuckold or a Real Man (Interactive Quiz)

I have developed this quiz to help you determine, with absolute certainty, whether you are a full-blown cuckold bitch, on the way to becoming a cuckold, or a real man that should be having sex with Women. I know many of you have this burning question within your mind. Sometimes, you may wonder if thinking about Me having the sex I deserve with My Alpha actually turns you on, or if it is simply a fantasy and nothing to take too seriously. Other times, you are so horny, you are masturbating to the idea of being a cuckold bitch, and you feel as though you really are a full-blown cuckold bitch after all, or at least the idea turns you on wildly. Perhaps you feel as though you are somewhere in the middle, and it’s just a fantasy you get off to from time to time. So, which is your situation? Are you really a cuckold bitch? Are you going to soon become a cuckold? Or, are you actually a male that should have sex with Women?

The quiz asks probing questions, and your answers to these questions each have an assigned, numerical score. At the end of the quiz, you will tally up your results and will be placed into the correct category that tells you, for certain, if you a cuckold bitch, on the way to becoming a cuckold, or a real man that should be having sex with Women. Each question within this quiz was carefully and specifically selected and designed by Me, as an experienced Domme, and how I would really categorize how much of a cuckold any male is that I came across. In fact, if W/we were in a session or otherwise really speaking with each other, I would definitely ask some of these questions. The rest I would probably pick up on via non-verbal cues, of course, but this is a quiz for you, not Me.

Ultimately, I hope this quiz will give you the clarity you seek. And, not only will you have an accurate result, I also give you some honest commentary and recommendations based on whether you’re a cuckold, on the way to becoming a cuckold, or a male that should be having sex with Women. That way, you have a direction and know where to go from here. Enjoy, My submissives!

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