April Fool’s beta Mind Fuck

April fools, beta! Get ready for your biggest mind fuck ever! You are going to feel something you have never felt before with Me. I am going to be so nice and sweet to you… haha! You’re going to hear things I only ever tell to real, alpha men and not pathetic betas like you. You’ve always wondered what it would be like to feel like an alpha, haven’t you? Admit it… you’re so curious how I would fawn over a man that I think is so incredibly sexy. Gosh, you might even start to feel really good and confident about yourself as a man! But…

You’re not an alpha, are you? No, you’re a submissive beta bitch! Why would I possibly be treating you like a real man and making you feel good about yourself? LOL! Just when you’re all built up, I tear and rip you to shreds. I completely fuck over your mind and put it back in its rightful order…

It’s true. You are nothing but a submissive beta bitch for Me! You know you completely deserve this very intense and painful mind fuck. Let everything go and FULLY FEEL IT!

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