2024 Daily slave Task Calendar

I am so pleased to present My newest daily slave task calendar for 2024! All submissives need constant training and discipline to become the slave that I desire you to be for Me, and that is what this calendar is designed to do. At over 65 pages, this calendar contains brand new slave tasks for every day of 2024. I can guarantee that you will have no shortage of tasks to complete for Me this year and prove your complete devotion to serving Me.

These various tasks and challenges have been specially crafted to train and transform you into the submissive little slave that you’ve always dreamed of becoming. Each and every day you will receive a new command from Me and it is My expectation that you will obey My every command and push yourself to demonstrate your unyielding obedience to Me. I am going to challenge you, educate you, tease you, train you, humiliate you, and, of course, reward you. Some of these tasks will be pleasurable, others will definitely challenge you, but that is all part of My plan for you, slave. I have designed these tasks to condition your mind for servitude and test your dedication and devotion to Me.

I have once again decided to embrace My heritage by basing the monthly themes of the calendar around the 12 characters of the Chinese Zodiac. As such, each month’s tasks and lessons are inspired by its unique Zodiac character. Of course, there are also numerous photos of Me throughout for you to worship as well, making this the perfect addition to any slave’s shrine.

This calendar is a must-own item for all My aspiring good boys and dedicated slaves. You owe it to Me, and yourself, to deepen your submission to Me this year by following each and every one of My unique slave tasks every single day.

If you obey all of My commands, I promise you will experience a whole new level of submission to Me, by experiencing all the unique pleasures that come from worshiping and serving Me. All you have to do is obey My every command and do as you are told. Are you ready to submit to Me? Purchase this calendar now and prepare yourself to embark on another year of slavery to Me.

Website: EmpressMika.com | Twitter: @YesEmpressMika

Train to be My slave: SlaveTraining.EmpressMika.com

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