Slave Course Testimonials


I met my Goddess completely by accident. It was a cosmic miracle and proof that sometimes this cold, impartial and chaotic universe sometimes tosses you a bone. I used to have an insatiable addiction to multiple Dommes which one day led me to a clip site where I was looking for new content to indulge in. I remember browsing through a bunch of different Dommes before stopping dead in my tracks at the sight of one particularly stunning model; Empress Mika. She was perfection and instantly I was captivated by Her strict and effortless domination style. I couldn’t get over how much genuine fun She seemed to be having in Her role as a Domme. I wasn’t even looking for an owner at the time but after binging on Her clips and talking with Her a couple of times, I knew that I had to turn my addiction into something more real, lasting, and meaningful by training to be Her slave.

Moving back to the present day, I have now been serving Goddess as Her dedicated personal slave since 2017. Every single day is a joy for Me as Goddess provides Me with countless tasks to complete for Her such as editing Her clips/audios/assignments, maintaining Her clip stores, doing design work for Her websites, and more. She even decided to reward me by moving me to Her city so that I could be Her in person slave. I get the additional honor and privilege of cleaning and maintaining Her house as Her little maid, doing Her yard work, buying Her groceries, and anything else She needs from me on a daily basis, so that She can spend all Her time relaxing and enjoying the life the She deserves. There truly is no greater pleasure than hearing Goddess call me a “good boy” in person. My entire waking life is spent serving my Goddess or working to earn Her money. This life of slavery has given me more pleasure and purpose than I deserve.

Empress Mika is my life, my religion and my best friend. The years since I became Her personal slave, both online and in person, have quite honestly been the greatest, hardest and most rewarding years of my life. What I quickly learned about Goddess is that She truly cares about Her slaves. She is not here to only dominate and drain us, but rather to build us up so that we may serve Her better. She treats us with respect and never abuses the power that She holds over us. She has spent countless hours getting to know me on a personal level and is always willing to help me with my problems so long as I remain dedicated and loyal to Her. She truly has invested Her time, energy and heart into training me as Her personal slave and developing a real and lasting Domme/sub relationship with me. I now count Her as my single best friend and can honestly say I trust Her with my life. I belong to Her now and I can’t tell you how incredible it has been to get to know Her on a personal level. She is a beautiful soul.

In addition to this, Goddess has taken the time to teach me how to better myself and improve my life for Her benefit as well as my own. She has helped me work through my addictions, develop healthy life habits, learn how to spend more responsibly and better appreciate the life She has given me so that I can focus all my time, money and energy on serving Her. She knows that I am Her property that She controls physically, mentally and emotionally and She has decided to keep me in strict chastity so that I’m constantly in a state of desire, anticipation and lust for Her. And honestly, I have never been happier because of it. Every single day I wake up knowing that I get to serve the most loving, strict, gorgeous, funny, nerdy and perfect Domme on the planet. Oh, and She introduced me to a brand new addiction that keeps growing each day…KPOP!

Goddess truly is a one of a kind soul. She is full of life and compassion and takes Her role as my Domme and owner very seriously. She has taught me that true submission means always putting Her first and trusting that in return, She will take care of my needs and desires as She sees fit. We have explored many fetishes together and She is always pushing me to try new, exciting and humiliating things for Her amusement. As long as I keep my life focused on serving Her and denying my selfish pleasures, She will take care of me and reward me accordingly.

Our Domme/sub relationship has definitely taken a lot of time and effort to build, but through much patience, honesty, perseverance and consistent training, W/we have developed something together that will last a lifetime. My work for Goddess will never be done and that is why I love Her so much. She has given me a purpose in life outside of my own selfish desires, helped me to become something worthwhile for Her, and has allowed me to experience the true joy and satisfaction of living life as Her dedicated personal slave. Goddess is my life and I will never stop loving or serving Her. =^.^=

Dr. Slave

When I first signed up for the training course, I was really intrigued by the prospect of getting to know more about Empress Mika, who was a huge fetish and crush of mine. I had seen some of the content She produced online, and really enjoyed it a lot. I knew I was a submissive, and wanted to dive into this course with high hopes of finding something meaningful and authentic. Even with a really high set of expectations, I was blown away by what was offered in the slave training course, especially the personal attention that She had for me and my work in the course. I could not believe how much I was learning about Her, but even more so about myself, and my own interests, likes, dislikes, hopes, and fears about being more of a lifestyle submissive, and ultimately slave for Empress. I found the course to be exciting, engaging, and thoughtfully put together.

Since completing the course, I have thoroughly enjoyed the time I have had as a trial slave for Empress Mika, and have relished the unique and very personal opportunities to serve Her in ways personally tailored to me and my capacities. It is abundantly clear that she took the time to get to know me personally through the course, and was able to find things that I not only would be interested in as a slave, but actually be good at! I was worried being Her slave might feel generic, or impersonal, but I was joyfully surprised to find the opposite true. She has been an important part of my life since then, reaching out to guide me in serving Her, sharing more of who I am, and helping me to better myself. Of course, She is the Empress, and I am Her slave; however, She has shown tremendous attention to making my being a slave for Her an enriching and transformative experience. It is so much more than a fetish, but a meaningful relationship you will develop with Someone Who will be invested in you as Her slave.

At first, there was some hesitancy, as I expect most people purchasing this course will have. I was a little guarded in sharing too many personal details, and wanted to test the waters without the fear of being trapped or pressured to do anything I did not want. I think many of us subs are looking for an authentic relationship where we can be our true selves, and not have to hide behind the worry of being discovered. I have found Empress Mika to be incredibly trustworthy, deeply respecting of my privacy, and authentically interested in forming a long-term relationship that is about much more than just watching erotic content online. I am thrilled to share parts of my day with Her, my own interests and skills, and above all, a meaningful Domme/slave relationship with Her. I cannot recommend this enough to someone who is on the fence, who is looking for an Empress that is far more than a fetish.

Wang Yong

I first met Empress Mika in 2015 on a cam site, where I instantly fell in awe of Her natural beauty. The room was very relaxed and fun and had a great atmosphere. The more and more I visited, the more and more it was easy to fall head over heels.

I didn’t think I was into Female Domination at the time. However, one day, while working on tasks for Empress Mika, I realized that I was really enjoying looking at Her feet. I felt it was where I belonged. It was at this moment that I realized that I am a submissive to Empress Mika. I would do anything for Her. And… What other fetishes was I into? Mika guided me to experiment with various fetishes and oh boy, was I in for a surprise!

Fast forward to today, I am lucky enough to serve Empress Mika in person every day as Her submissive house maid bitch. I clean, I run errands, and do various projects with and for Her. I think my favorite is all of the time we get to spend together during this time, as it is very precious seeing how My work directly impacts Her happiness.

Empress Mika is the best thing that has ever happened to me. She opened my eyes to what I truly am and through Her advice and guidance, I am on my way to being a better person overall. I live in a much more beautiful and positive location because of Her. I have a better job because of Her… and I even now have experience in technologies that I had to learn to help Her complete tasks and projects. She truly is the best Goddess as no one treats their subs as good as She does.

Slave Sam

Ever since the first day I discovered Empress Mika’s website, at the beginning of 2019, I was instantly hooked and excited to begin my journey of blissful servitude. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine to be where I am today in servitude and in real life. Slavery to Empress Mika changed My life.

The idea of submitting completely always fascinated me, so I’ve browsed the web for slave training courses for years. This was the most impressive content to date for slave training that I’ve ever experienced. I’ve taken many slave training courses with previous Dommes and they all pale in comparison. Once I started training to become Empress Mika’s devoted slave, I knew that I had struck gold. The first few interactions with Her were magical. The power She had over me from the beginning dropped me to my knees, and I have fallen deeper and deeper to a point of no return.

Being in servitude to Empress Mika as Her slave has changed my life dramatically for the better. I now have a better job because of Her, make more money because of Her, and cut out all of the negativity that was influencing my life. Being her slave has made me a better submissive.

Empress not only provides a great platform for training her slaves, but She also connects with you on a very deep, emotional level. Empress is vastly intelligent, classy and uses Her power for good. Before serving Empress, I focused on the BDSM aspect of Femdom and had many negative preconceptions about Femdom in general. I now have let that go and have given myself completely to Her. She knows precisely what is best for Her submissives and Her dominant style is strict and loving. Empress is not your typical Domme, far from it. Empress is in a class of Her own. Empress has trained me to be productive with slave tasks. Her style is unique and does not focus on whips and chains. Most significantly, Her dominance is mental primarily and training in mental chastity for Her is something I will cherish forever. Her control mentally, is something so powerful it will bend any submissive to Her will.

I encourage any submissives in Empress Mika’s slave course to take a leap of faith and submit to the Empress of your dreams. The moment is here and now, and I encourage you to take the plunge and start a life of blissful servitude to your one true Goddess and become the good boy that She deserves. This opportunity only comes around once, so don’t let it slip away. Your life will be changed forever in ways you could never imagine. I couldn’t be happier in my life right now, all because I took the plunge and let Empress take the reins. The connection We/we share is truly magical. I am proud to be Empress Mika’s devoted good boy and intend to do so for the rest of my life.

Trial Slave Rick

One look at Empress Mika and it is clear She is a beautifully stunning woman, but She is more than that. She is intelligent, funny, and most importantly genuine. I am lucky enough to currently be a trial slave of Empress Mika and it is more than I anticipated. I stumbled across Her video store and decided to indulge myself by purchasing Her personalized dick rating which I upgraded to a video. As soon as I received the clip and watched it, I was instantly intrigued to learn more which was unusual for me since I had been bouncing from Domme to Domme for years. I went back to Her store and noticed a clip that would change my life for the better, it was Her slave training e-course.

There is so much content in that course that it took me over a week to complete and that is with me spending at least 5 hours per day on the course. The slave training course has so much information, both vanilla and fetish wise, that by the end I felt that I had a good connection with Her and there was no doubt in my mind that I wanted to continue my journey to becoming Her slave.

It was during the beginning of the slave trail that She blew my mind yet again. I quickly found out that She cared not just about kink but about me and my well-being. For most of my life, I had acted like an ostrich when it came to my budget. Figuring if I put my head in the sand, I could pretend that the bad news was not happening. In the short time I have been serving Her, She has helped me turn my life around financially by helping me get my budget in order. I discovered so many charges that were unnecessary and even that I was being scammed for $30 dollars a month. Shockingly, the scam had been occurring for four years, but since I ignored my budget, I never knew it was happening. It was only after She helped me start to become financially responsible that I uncovered the fake charge being applied to my bank account.

Empress Mika has also engaged with me in other avenues that I cherish. I communicate with her on a regular basis and the highlight of my week is when I have the chance to hear Her thoughts on a number of different topics. She takes the time to listen to my thoughts and ask questions to learn more about what interests me and what makes me tick. In all my years as a submissive, I have never felt like someone cared about me and my well being like Empress Mika.

I haven’t been perfect throughout the months that I have been serving Empress Mika. I have made mistakes and I’ve been punished to help me learn and grow, but all this did was strengthen my bond with Her, as it showed me She cared and wanted me to succeed. We were able to talk about what occurred and why and how to avoid the mistake in the future. What I can say without hesitation is today I am a better submissive and male, and it is all because of Empress Mika. She gave meaning to my submissive journey. I have been able to connect with a Domme (Her) for the first time ever in my life. I am consistently learning about Empress Mika and myself and I am enjoying every step down the road of submission and cannot wait to see what the future holds.