Adopt My Bills

Fund My Luxurious, Expensive lifestyle!

Transform yourself into a useful, good boy by adopting one or more of any of My bills below. It makes a good impression when you contribute directly to My well-being by paying any of these bills. It funds My luxurious, expensive lifestyle… and I know that excites you, doesn’t it?

Yard Care

$10 Weekly

I have a really big, gorgeous yard, with many palm trees, that requires monthly maintenance. Pay for this service to keep My home looking like the palace it is.

My Cats

$25 Weekly

Like Me, My precious cats deserve nothing but the best. This includes their expensive food and toy mice they enjoy to play with until they are destroyed. Pay for their lavish lifestyle, alongside Mine.

Organic Produce

$15 Weekly

I eat the healthiest of organic produce and enjoy cooking and baking every single day. Pay for this necessary luxury and hobby of Mine.

Pool Maintenance

$20 Weekly

One of My favorite places to relax is in My own pool, right in My back yard. Keep My pool beautiful by paying for its weekly maintenance.

Viki Subscription

$5 Weekly

One of My favorite things to do is watch Korean dramas. This is the most affordable way to be of use to Me. Pay for My premium subscription to Viki, which is where I enjoy My K-dramas.


$30 Weekly

My home essentials to include internet, water, gas, electric, etc. Pay for these useful necessities to be an extra good boy.