Wheel of Stroking JOI

You’ve been such a good boy for Me lately that I think you deserve a little treat. It’s not often I do this, but I’m going to allow you to stroke for Me without having to humiliate yourself in any way. I am a kind Empress after all, and I do enjoy rewarding all of My good boys when they deserve it. That being said, I am going to make your little treat fun for Me as well, since My happiness will always be more important than yours. So, I have decided that W/we are going to play a game together to decide exactly how, and when, you get to stroke for Me.

As you can see, I have brought out My wheel of stroking which is going to decide your fate in this very clip. I’m going to give the wheel a good spin and whatever color it lands on, that is how you will stroke for Me. I am even going to give you a good tease in between spins to make sure you get nice and hard for Me! I really am being so generous! Like all good stroking games, however, there has to be some pain mixed in with the pleasure to make things more interesting. I did say this was going to be fun for Me as well, didn’t I? Lol! So prepare yourself for your little treat, My slave, and if you’re lucky, chance might even allow you to cum!

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