Toilet Slave: 7 Day Meal Plan #2

Only having one toilet slave meal plan isn’t enough for you, now is it? Of course not. A disgusting little toilet like you needs all the guidance and direction it can get to fully embrace its true purpose of eating a diet of filth. That is why I just had to make another meal plan to further guide and train you to be as gross and disgusting as possible! Empress knows best!

This meal plan is a required purchase for all of My toilets, just like you, who are looking to take your toilet slave training with Me to brand new lows. It is complete with recipes and instructions for an entire week of meal planning as My toilet. The plan details one meal per day, plus a daily snack, of what you will eat for Me throughout the week.

Why is this meal plan so important for My toilets? Because what goes into your body affects what comes out! By following this plan, you will produce the consistency and results I expect from My toilets. The firmness, the texture, the moisture, the smell, and the length (LOL) of what comes out of you will be perfect to train further as My toilet slave. I know how badly you want to impress Me with your filth. You don’t want to be just any toilet, or even just My toilet. No, you want to be among the very best of My toilets. Isn’t that right? Well, obviously, the most important step then is to ensure you can produce what I require from you to become the grossest and most disgusting toilet you need and desire to be for Me.

Things won’t be the same for you down there, in the very best of ways! I can hardly contain My excitement. You are going to produce so much filth to degrade yourself with! If you thought you were disgusting before, just wait until you follow this meal plan of Mine. Just think… every tummy rumble will be from Me and everything exiting your body is going to be consumed again by you. I know you’re getting so excited just thinking about it and what I’ll make you do with it under My control.

This meal plan should be used alongside any of My toilet clips or audios if you desire to train properly. You may use this toilet slave meal plan independently or combine it with My first meal plan for toilets, if you’re ready to truly dedicate yourself to becoming the best toilet you can be for Me.

Toilet Slave Meal Plan #1: https://iwantclips.com/store/item/1984142

**Note: Please read the disclaimer within this meal plan, upon purchase. Fun as this is, safety first! :)

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Train to be My Toilet slave: ToiletSlave.EmpressMika.com

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