SPH Therapy-Fantasy: Tiny Dick Solution – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is perfect for those submissives with a small penis that love SPH & the idea of being a cuckold. In this tantalizing scenario, I am your therapist-fantasy and you and your girlfriend and come in for couple’s therapy-fantasy because your dick is so small that it can’t please her. You and I are working together one-on-one for this session, and I believe I have found the perfect solution to your small penis not being able to sexually satisfy your girlfriend. I perform a series of “tests”, one of which includes listening to your girlfriend having sex with a Man with a much bigger dick than you as well as some deep humiliation, to make sure the solution is the right one and, sure enough, the solution is simple. Are you ready to find out? *

It’s wonderful to see you, again! I’m pleased that we could have this very special special therapy-fantasy session together, one-on-one, as part of your couple’s therapy-fantasy, so that we may continue to work through the challenges that both you and your girlfriend are having.

The core issue you and your girlfriend appear to be having is that your penis is too small when it’s fully erect. Your girlfriend said you both measured it. So, due to this extremely small size, you are unable to satisfy her sexually. Is this correct?

Great! Well, since this is the case that your tiny dick is the problem, then I don’t want you to worry anymore! I think I had a major breakthrough! And, furthermore, I believe I have discovered the perfect solution to your tiny little problem which will solve this issue, permanently.

So, let’s go ahead and use our session time together to work through the permanent solution here. What I am going to have you do is go ahead and take off all your clothes. You need to be completely naked for this to work properly. I have a series of tests and I am going to see if your small dick is still hard throughout all the tests. If it is, then I know for sure the solution I have come up with is the right one! Are you ready? Audio Length: 20:09

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