Shrinking Magic by Executrixx Mika – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below *This audio is perfect for those submissives with a shrinking fetish that desire a deep and yet somehow realistic fantasy of what Me shrinking you, if I really had the power, would be like. This audio has many special effects that completely immerses you so, with your eyes closed, you will feel as though this is really happening to you; that you really are getting shrunk. What has always been considered a fantasy, really feels as though it’s coming to life more than ever. Shall W/we indulge in this together?*

Look at you there, standing as tall as you are. Stand up straight, so I can see how tall you really are, at your full height. Ha! I thought so. And, as you suspect, I do agree with you. You are much taller than you need to be. I completely understand your desire to therefore become shorter.

Lucky for you, I do have the power to shrink you. All you have to do is stand really still and allow Me to cast a spell on you. You should know, though, that the spell is permanent. Once you shrink, you can only become shorter. I cannot make you tall again, nor can anyone else. But, should you really worry about that? It’s not like I will make you super short all at once! We will take things step-by-step, one shorter height at a time.

So, you want to do it right? Excellent! Stand still and… here W/we go! I wonder how short you will be after this session?! Audio Length 11:55

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