Reminiscing about your Ex – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * You still haven’t gotten over your ex-girlfriend, have you? Even though it’s been so long since the two of you broke up, your dick still gets so hard whenever you hear her name. It’s so pathetic how you just can’t keep her out of your head, especially considering how badly you fucked everything up when you were still with her. You just couldn’t keep yourself from sniffing and licking her dirty socks and panties when she was gone, could you? No, you were so fixated on your own stupid fetishes that even when she was trying to fuck you, all you wanted was to suck her feet! No wonder you drove her away so quickly! Well, I have been talking with your ex to try and decide what we should do with you. We both think it’s not enough to just remind you of all your failures as a man since, unsurprisingly, listening to your own failures turns you on even more. No, you deserve to experience true humiliation for being the sissy cuckold wannabe slave that you are, and that’s exactly what is going to happen! Audio Length: 20m 1s

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