Religious Worship of My Bikini Body

It’s safe to say, My slave, that I have become so much more to you than just your Domme. Every time I allow you to worship at My feet you fall deeper and deeper into submission toMe. I have completely mesmerized you with My radiant smile and tight, slender body. All I have to do is tease you in this cute little yellow bikini and your mind instantly melts as I send you even deeper into your religious sub-space for Me. In fact, you have fallen so deeply for My feminine perfection that I am no longer just your Empress, I am your God and religion.

As such, it is time that I train you properly on how to worship My divine, sexy, bikini body as one of My devoted religious slaves. I am your Goddess and I demand to have complete control over the minds and bodies of My slaves at all times. This means every day you will worship at the altar of Mika using three daily worship rituals that I will teach you in this very clip. These guided rituals will train your mind, body and soul on how to properly devote your existence to the complete worship of My body and the holy bikini wrapped around it. It’s time to get down on your knees and thank Me for existing by focusing your existence solely on Me. It’s time for you to fully embrace your life as My religious slave.

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