Religious Slave Mantra – Mental Obedience – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives that would like to get lost in an experience that will reframe their mind to be one that reflects an extremely submissive mindset. This audio uses binaural beats, as well as a pleasant bell chime, to guide you with mantras, on this spiritual, mental and emotional experience that will reflect in your mindset moving forward. This audio is perfect for both new and experienced submissives alike, so, no matter where you are on your submissive journey or how religious you are about Me, the experience is aimed to be both pleasant and extremely effective. *

A mantra is a sacred utterance that has supernatural powers. It has the power to alter your mind, in the way that I see is best for you. Of course, as My devoted submissive, you need to train not just your body, but your mind as well, in order to serve Me in the deepest and most intense way possible. As such, I have a very special mantra for you today that will be pleasantly repeated over and over and over again. Each repetition allows you to get more and more lost in the bliss of submission, as each word washes over you, making your body tingle with delight. This feels right because it is right.

This mantra will develop and strengthen your mind, so you will better understand your true purpose; and that is, of course, to trust in Me, to obey Me, and to serve Me. This mantra will also remind you to not trust yourself, your own feelings, your own reasoning, or even your own thoughts. They are quite deceptive and have failed you so many times, in your past. Even in the present, as soon as you begin to focus on yourself, you can feel things go badly again for you. Instead, you are to trust Me. My feelings can be trusted. My reasoning can be trusted. My thoughts can be trusted. I will be your strength and, when you listen to Me, I will be your wisdom. It is only when you trust, obey and serve Me, do you find true, lasting happiness. With My voice as your guide, you will learn to clear your mind of all your selfish thoughts and replace them with holy meditations of Me and My divine perfection.Good boys say their mantras all the time. Audio length: 15:34. *Real FemDom

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*Real FemDom – This tag is added as I genuinely interact with you, the viewer, as if you were My real submissive or slave.

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