Permission to Stroke Trigger

I really think you need to get triggered! You are seriously so obsessive. Every time you see My long, sexy, slender, perfect body, you get overwhelmed with the compulsion to stroke and worship… so that is what you do. It is animalistic. Natural… but animalistic, and I think that I deserve better from you. Stroking when you see Me is literally what every single submissive can do. Therefore, you need to set yourself apart and be a better slave/submissive for Me. So, as part of your training, I am going to give you a special trigger and, only when you see this trigger, will you then have permission to stroke for Me from now on. You are going to fully demonstrate self-control for Me, as My slave/submissive. You need to be trained so you only stroke and especially only cum when I trigger you from here on out. Hmm, so… what do you think your trigger is going to be?

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