More & More: Deep slave Rewire

I am going to help you overcome your selfish desires and rewire your brain to fully accept and crave true slavery to Me. You long to be such a good boy for Me so stop resisting and allow Me to transform you into the best little submissive you could ever dream of being. Allow My sexy, perfect body to tease you into submission as I remind you exactly why I deserve everything and you deserve nothing but slavery. My ass will remind you that true slavery is bliss. My tits will teach you that true slavery is happiness. My eyes will tell you that true slavery means giving more and more to Me. My words will teach you that true slavery means going deeper and deeper into submission to Me.

The more you watch this clip, the more you will desire to serve Me in the way that I deserve. My sensual voice will penetrate your mind and provide you with the mesmerizing training you will need to become My dedicated slave. Once I have finished rewiring your mind for slavery, you will only ever desire to ask Me one simple question: “How may I serve You, Empress Mika?” This is the only question you will ever need for the rest of your life, slave, as My happiness is the only thing of importance in your life. Accept My invitation and become My true slave. I am your happiness, and you will experience all the joy and pleasure you could ever desire through serving Me and giving Me what I want. Doesn’t that life of true submission sound so much more exciting and fulfilling?

Website: EmpressMika.com | Twitter: @YesEmpressMika

Train to be My slave: SlaveTraining.EmpressMika.com

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