Mommy-Domme Mika [Age Regression] – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is perfect for those submissives that have an intense age regression fetish, so much so that they play the role of someone in ****. For the first time, I indulge deeply in this fetish with you, as a Mommy-Domme. Learn more about My genuine feelings about this, as well as you, in this emotional experience, complete with special effects, so I can deeply penetrate your mind.*

Aww! My oh My… What do W/we have here? Is that a sweet, cute little youngin’ that I hear? I think it is! Tell Me… Are you all dressed up? Are you in a cute little outfit?! Uww! I bet you are! I’m sure you are soooo, incredibly cute! Hehe. I can’t wait to see you. Do you want to play? What should W/we do today? There are so many toys and things to learn and see. Let Me get a good look at you…

Oh. It’s just… you. A full grown adult male… looking like this and dressing like this, in booties, a little dress, and everything else. The time you have put into this is, honestly, flabbergasting. I am sure if anyone finds out, they would be so uncomfortable, at best, or even horrified at worst.

This has completely taken over your life, hasn’t it? You have to hide it from everyone and you must have accepted by now that you will never get a girlfriend. I mean, you are the opposite of what a man is supposed to be. You try to fill this void by hiring babysitters to fawn over you, but you know that it’s just pretend, even if it works out for a while. It seems that everything always ends up in failure.

Now, you have met Me. Immediately, you know that there is something different about Me. I am not one to simply coddle you the way you think you wish to be coddled. No, I can see right through everything. In fact, what you see in Me is exactly what you have always needed, but have never been able to find; a Mommy-Domme. So, get ready… your life is about to change. Audio Length:15:19

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