Milked Dry: Non-Stop Stroking – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is perfect for those submissives who are both insanely and seemingly insatiably horny, and are unable to focus on anything else except for their desire to orgasm (and orgasm multiple times, at that). For those times you really feel this desperate for release, this session will not only fully satisfy you but will also take you to new sexual heights you have never experienced before. This is likely the most stroking and the most cumming I have ever instructed of My submissives in a single session. So, I hope you’re ready to indulge and goon with Me. This is quite intense. *

Just look at how desperate and insanely horny you are. You are so hard and eager to orgasm that it seems W/we can’t simply ignore it anymore can W/we? I will indulge you, I will let you stroke wildly, hard and fast, and I will even give you permission to cum. But, I want something in return. In exchange, you must listen and obey My every command during this entire session. Do W/we have a deal?

Good! All you have to do is listen to My voice and obey My every jerk off instructions. As agreed, you must stroke exactly as I say. Each time you hear the word * STROKE * you are to stroke, exactly at the rhythm that you hear. Each time you hear the word * RELEASE *, following a short countdown, you are to have an orgasm. It’s that easy. Now, get comfortable. Lay back. Close your eyes and listen to My sexy voice as I guide you to your sweet release… Audio Length:17:51

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