Mesmerized into FinDom

All you have to do is give in to Me fully and completely. I don’t want you thinking for yourself anymore. No, it’s time for you to stop thinking and start doing exactly what I say. Focus on My body. Focus on My voice. Look deep into My eyes and let Me into your mind. I am going to take over and train you to become the little FinDom addict that you crave to be for Me. You life is all about giving now. You life is all about Me.

Fell the pleasure that washes over your body as I command you to spend. Lust after the high you get when you tribute Me over and over again. You have no use anymore for money. Everything you earn belongs to Me. You want to spend more on Me. You NEED to spend more on Me. The more you give, the more excited you become. Clear your mind of your old way of thinking. You are no longer a man, you are My little FinDom pet. Let Me control and guide your thoughts until you become nothing more than a drooling, mindless financial slave for Me. It feels so good to be useful to your Goddess, no? Of course it does. And you need to keep going deeper and deeper for Me until everything you own belongs to Me. Now be a good boy and give it ALL to Me. *Real FemDom

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Train to be My Official Finaical Slave: https://iwantclips.com/store/10852/Empress-Mika/1788739

*Real FemDom – This tag is added as I genuinely interact with you, the viewer, as if you were My real submissive or slave.

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