Mesmerized and Chained Up Forever – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This audio is perfect for those submissives who crave a reality in which they lose all control and are instead convinced to embrace and enjoy the thoughts of a lifestyle of full restraint. That is, to be completely shackled, chained, put away, cuffed and locked behind bars. I guide you into accepting how good it feels to indulge in these feelings and, ultimately, to accept that being imprisoned and locked up is not only what you want, but it is what is best for you. *

What do we have here? Look at you… walking around, oh-so-FREE! Hmm. Tell Me, slave…Do you find this acceptable in any way, shape or form? That was a rhetorical question, of course. Really, though, do you even feel right? It’s clear that something seems to be missing within yourself. It’s as though, deep down, you’re off balance. You’ve lost your way and need clear direction. And, you’re lucky, because I will be the one to guide you. It is only by obeying Me that you will find a genuine, deep and fulfilling happiness.

I think we can both agree that… as of now, you are just… too free. You need to be in a controlled environment, locked away. I am going to put you into a deeply mesmerized state so all of those pesky and incorrect thoughts that differ from this ultimate truth keep melt and fade away.

Face it. YOU WANT TO BE LOCKED UP. You want it and desire it so deeply. Just think… all of that control all belonging to Me, as it rightfully should. So much so, that you don’t even get to roam around freely. That’s just not the way things should be for you. Do you know why, slave? Well, I shall indulge even more deeply… Audio Length: 22:57

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