Intense Premature Ejaculation Training – Audio MP3

*Free audio preview below. * This audio is perfect for those submissives who are interested in premature ejaculation and would like to begin their training in how to cum quickly, and thus feel the life-changing and pleasurable liberation from doing so. This audio is also good for those submissives that want to train to become an even better submissive for Me. A win/win. :) The audio begins with the deep reasonings on why becoming a premature ejaculator is so important and so pleasureable, especially if you’re someone that thinks lasting longer is better, followed by an exact training guide on how to start your journey. By the end of this audio session, you should be well on your way to cumming much more quickly, without holding back the urge, as your innermost bodily urge wants to. *

My dear submissive, no longer are you qualified to even think about being or becoming a normal male, especially one with an amazing sex life that can really pleasure a Woman by having the stamina to last all night long. I mean, what? No. This is just NOT you.

Instead, you should be giving in to your primal, biological desires. You know, that impulsive thrill that overtakes your entire body, without worrying about the right time to cum or saving up your orgasm to be a large one. Just think, being able to release without any thoughts of fear, timing, guilt, expectations or anything else. You will only feel the pleasure of cumming whenever you need to, or when I command.

I mean, let’s be honest. The time you take to masturbate is a waste. It gets in the way of so many other things you can be doing that is infinitely more productive than jerking off. Just think… working out, cleaning up, serving Me… just about anything is better is better for you to spend time on than stroking your dick up and down for 10 or 20 minutes or even more. Premature ejaculation is the answer to not only liberate yourself to more time for more important things, but it will change your life by enabling you to feel the thrilling liberation that comes from being able to cum quickly. Audio Length: 30:01

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