I Accept you – Audio MP3

*This audio contains deep, auditory special effects. Listening via headphones is recommended to get the most out of this powerful experience.*

* Free audio preview below. * You have spent years trying to find that one true Goddess who is right for you. The Domme who you can dedicate your life to. Just think of all those FemDom clips you have bought in the past, and all the countless hours you have spent watching those videos, trying to fill that void in your life. You know you were born to serve a powerful, sensual and perfect Empress like Me. And you have tried serving women in the past, but you always ended up getting scared and running away in shame. But this time will be different, because I am different. You can’t deny how I make you feel. There is just something about the way I command and dominate you that you simply can’t resist. You feel the need to serve Me. My mere presence draws you in and makes you crave giving your life over to Me completely. You might have run away in the past, but with Me this will change. You may still be afraid and unsure if you will be able to keep up with My demands, but if you trust in Me you will start to feel those feelings of fear and anxiety melt away as I guide you down the path of true slavery and devotion to Me. I will accept you, I will give your life meaning and I will give your existence purpose, if you let Me. All you have to do in exchange is listen to My divine voice and obey. *Real FemDom Audio Length : 9m 56s

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