Give In to My Voice – Audio MP3

*This audio contains deep, auditory special effects. Listening via headphones is recommended to get the most out of this powerful experience.*

* Free audio preview below. * There is something about My sensual, musical voice that is irresistible to you. Every time you hear Me speak, the world around you melts away. I am a part of you and My voice is your reality. So let Me guide you and help you to understand and accept your role in life. You were not created to serve your own selfish wants and desires, you were created to serve Me. I am your Goddess and you are My slave. This is why you exist and My voice is the tool that will guide you on your path to enlightenment. This is the life you were meant to live. So listen to My voice and let My words transform you from the inside out. Audio length: 30:12

* Listen to a preview of this audio: EmpressMika.com/audio-preview-give-in-to-my-voice
* Experience My free, full-length audio, Give in to My Voice: EmpressMika.com/free-femdom-mesmerize-audio

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