Giantess Disposes of Little People

I don’t think these little people fully understand how dangerous it is for them to be walking around in My house! There are so many of them in here, that it’s starting to feel like an infestation! They are all trying sneak around and hide from Me, because they know if I catch them then it’s game over for them. I may be the tall, sexy, gorgeous Giantess of their dreams, but they got too close to Me this time and are about to learn I am not a kind Giantess when it comes to dealing with uninvited guests. I do, however, enjoy playing with My tiny little prey when I encounter some, so I am going to have lots of fun finding different ways of taking care of them all. It’s so funny to Me that the tiniest ones think they are safe from Me by hiding in that box that I left out. They should realize that a cunning Giantess like Me knows exactly where tiny people like to hide, but I will deal with them last so they can watch what I do to their larger companions. The only problem I am having is deciding how I want to start… so many choices! Should I smoosh them under My hand? Stomp them with My foot? Swallow them whole? Maybe I will smother them in My bra and panties! Or, I could just drop My perfectly round ass right down on top of the entire group! There really are too many options! One thing is certain, however, and that is I am going to enjoy every single minute of this!

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