Friendzoned as My Sissy Bitch – Audio MP3

* Free audio preview below. * You and I have friends for so long now, haven’t we? And, even though we’re just friends, I know you want Me and fantasize about Me as more than just a friend, but you’ve stuck around anyway, and things have been great! That is, until I started dating My current boyfriend. He is so incredibly sexy, sweet and so good in bed! He is everything that I have been looking for and deserve in a man. I tell you all about him, as My friend, but I can’t help but notice how jealous you get. It’s to a point now where we need to get all of this out in the open and get to the bottom of it.

You see, I know you’ve been in love with Me so long now but… did you really think you deserved Me? LOL! Of course not! You are literally friend-zoned for life and there is no hope of getting out of it. In fact, now that I have a boyfriend to fulfill so many of My needs, you need to make yourself more useful in My life, if you still want to be a part of it. And, I know the perfect plan for you… and it starts with you becoming who you truly are… My submissive sissy maid bitch! Audio Length: 10m 9s

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