Edging Into Chastity Training Part 1 – Audio MP3

* Free Audio Preview Below * This mp3 audio is perfect for those chastity slaves that are incredibly horny and extremely desperate to stroke and release for Me. I harness these feelings you have and then provide some much needed chastity slave training. There is a lot of edging, and it is in this vulnerable sub space that I rewire and implant the subliminal messages that will take you deeper into your chastity fetish than you ever have gone before. Ultimately, you will obtain a mental and physical pleasure that is much, much greater than release. *

I am pleased you have decided to embark on this very special chastity slave training journey with Me, in this series. This audio is going to train you to take your servitude to Me to the next level, within a chastity context. This is very important and very real, for anyone that is taking chastity seriously.

You will begin completely naked, except for your chastity cage, which should still be securely fastened around your cock and balls. You will find a comfortable position to sit or lie down, whichever is more comfortable for you. Now, all you have to do is close your eyes, listen to My voice, and obey.

It all starts with first exploring and indulging in how desperate you are for release. Look at how hard you are! It is through this experience that you will discover chastity, yourself, and your servitude in a way you never have before. Trigger words and cues are given so you will know exactly what to do, as your physical body goes through pleasurable motions that teach your subconscious mind very important truths. I speak directly to you, rewiring your mind effortlessly, and I end up giving you a pleasure that’s greater than any orgasm. Are you ready, slave? Audio Length:35:28

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