Deep for My Feet

There really is something about My long, sexy, slender size 10 feet. Finally, a clip where I do not make you jump through hoops to worship My feet. This is the clip you have always wanted of My feet… a clip where you can immediately and completely indulge and worship My feet. You are going to fully indulge in them, starting with My sneakers. Look at them. What would you do to the bottoms of them? You would do anything that I told you to do. Anything for My feet! Now, look at My sweaty, musty, white socks? What would you do to the bottoms of them? That’s right, anything I tell you to do. I might as well just show you My bare feet. I know that is what you really want to see. I love watching how weak, how pathetic and how submissive you become at the sight of them. All I am doing is sitting here, completely relaxed, not doing a thing aside from wiggling and dangling My bare feet in front of you. I guide you to being even more subservient for My powerful feet than ever before. Your life really is going to reflect what a foot bitch you are for Me.

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