CBT Punishment for My Chastity Slave – Audio MP3

I am very disappointed to hear of your continued desire to orgasm but I guess it’s understandable as you are still in training to become My chastity slave. You simply need to be conditioned even more to train your mind to crave chastity over orgasms. It is for this purpose that I have devised a very harsh punishment that you must experience to help you become the chastity slave you want to be for Me in every sense of the world. Fully. Deeply. Completely. I know that’s what we both want, isn’t it? This punishment session should be played every time you crave an orgasm in chastity as it will rewire your mind to crave chastity over the pain you will experience when you are released.

For this training, you will need a handful of items, which I will list for you before we begin your punishment. I know you’re as prepared as you’re ever going to be for this so let’s jump right in. You will first drop HARD to your knees so you, and your dick, will be completely prone and at My mercy. As you punish yourself for Me, I will rewire your mind with powerful mantras to fully associate your feelings of pleasure with chastity and denial. Your experience in this session with Me will be both physical and deeply mental.

I know that, by the end of this punishment, you will never even want to think about having an orgasm in chastity without My permission ever again. Selfish thoughts of orgasms have no place in the minds of My real chastity slaves. And, let’s face it. You deserve to be denied in chastity.

*This audio is perfect for those chastity slaves that feel themselves craving release and are tempted to remove their cage to stroke and orgasm without My permission. Such behavior is not acceptable for My chastity slaves, and I know you ultimately crave to be My good boy in chastity, don’t you? I created this intense punishment to ensure your intense desire to stay in chastity will be more easily maintained. After all, you won’t want to receive these severe CBT punishments anytime soon, now will you?* Audio length: 33:30

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