Buy My Worn Orange Bikini!

I know so many of you hopeless little submissives are completely obsessed with My perfect bikini body. So much so that you crave to worship the very suits that cling to Me while I tease you like crazy. Because of this, I have decided to allow you the honor of buying My worn old bikinis so that you can deepen your addiction to Me.

This sexy little orange bikini has seen multiple summers worth of wear and still smells freshly of sun bathing and hours wrapped around My perfect body. It is cute, well-worn, and just the perfect thing for you to worship and obsess over. Just look at how perfectly it clings to My body and wraps itself around My flawless curves. Just think of what it must smell and taste like. Be sure to buy it before it’s too late so you can worship it in person!

*Purchase a custom audio instructing you how to worship My worn bikini here: CustomAudio.EmpressMika.com

*Packaging is discreet and looks like a normal package.
*Tribute $50 for faster, expedited shipping (USA Only).
* Non-USA Shipping Addresses will require an additional tribute. Contact Me with your shipping city and country for the cost.

After purchase, make sure to contact Me, otherwise I will be unable to send you My bikini, If it has been over 7 days since your purchase, I will re-list them for sale with the assumption you are no longer interested in obtaining it: Contact.EmpressMika.com

Be sure to check out My full selection of items here: EmpressMika.com/store/worn-clothing/

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