Beginner’s Journey into Slavery – Session 1 – Audio MP3

*This audio contains deep, auditory special effects. Listening via headphones is recommended to get the most out of this powerful experience.*

* Free audio preview below. * I am so pleased you have finally decided to give slavery a try. At first this desire of yours might feel like nothing more than a passing curiosity that you were interested in exploring. You wanted to see where it could go, or what might happen if you gave yourself complete over to Me. You might even have thought this fantasy of yours was nothing more than a phase that you were going through. That it would only be a matter of time before you moved on to something different. But that wasn’t the case, was it? No, regardless of all your uncertainties, there has always one thing you knew to be true, that there is just something about Me that makes Me impossible for you to resist. Ever since you first laid eyes on Me you have not been able to get Me out of your head. You are infatuated with My presence. You are addicted to My perfect, sexy and tight slender body. You can’t get My voice out of your head. Everything about Me keeps bringing you back, time after time after time. Without even trying, I have drawn you deep into submission to Me, and that’s why you know it’s finally time to begin your journey into slavery to Me. Listen to My voice and let it guide you down the path of servitude that you have always dreamed of. Give into Me and become My slave. Audio Length: 20m 00s

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