Ass Worship Conditioning – Audio MP3

*This audio is perfect for those submissives that crave a deep and dedicated ass worship session, that is much more than merely envisioning My ass and stroking to it as I say. This session, complete with special effects, takes you deeper than I have ever instructed you to go for My ass. By the end of this sexy and mindful experience, I know you will be more deeply devoted and dedicated to Me and My ass than you ever thought possible. Furthermore, I have discovered that My voice as a metronome sounds so much better than a real one… I think you’ll agree. *

My body is so long, so slender, so sexy and so incredibly perfect. Every inch and every curve is worthy of admiration. For today’s session, W/we shall focus on one, very exciting area in particular: My ass.

You have been waiting for this for so long, haven’t you? A time to fully give in and indulge for your desires and lust for My ass. However, this session is going to be much more than a simple indulge that allows you to reflect on how perfect My ass is and you worship it and stroke to it over and over again. No, I am going to guide you into something much more deep.

All you have to do is listen to My voice and allow Me the control to guide your way. You will stroke exactly how and when I say, similar to a metronome, and you will worship, reflect and envision My ass, every little part of it, exactly how and when I say. Are you ready? Audio Length:17:19

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